Thursday, April 28, 2011

From 2011.....The Tradition Continues

I've been thinking about the topic of my first post for quite some time.  Should I discuss the overwhelming feeling of "you must be forgetting something" as I prepare to guide this year's group of students on the study abroad trip?  Maybe I should offer some thoughts on the Royal Wedding which will be taking place in a matter of hours.  As I put aside all of the details and distractions associated with the study abroad course, it became very clear to me what my first post would be. (I guess the photo kind of gives it away).  So much that is good in my life I owe to Dr. George Watson and his wife Kit and their children - including my involvement in this amazing study abroad program!  35 years ago George and Kit packed up a group of Chadron State College students and off they went to Europe - since that first trip, hundreds of CSC Justice Studies students have had the opportunity to experience the culture, tradition, and legal system of a country George loved.  George showed me that study abroad programs provide a life-changing experience - positive and sustainable personal, academic and professional growth.  It is a privilege to carry on the program he was so passionate about.  And yes Kit, we will raise our glasses to both you and George for giving us all this opportunity.

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  1. Have a good time! Should be like home by now!