Wednesday, April 23, 2014

London 2014

Front Row from left:  Jordan Staman of Crawford, NE; Jessica Orose of Rapid City, SD; Charlotte Carlson of Falcon, CO; Cierra Herrmann of Scottsbluff, NE;  Jamie Henry of Torrington, WY.  Back Row: Nick Yardley of Gordon, NE; Michaela Linders of Rushville, NE; Josh Keating of Romeoville, IL; Mary Miller of Saratoga, WY; Dr. Tracy Nobiling.  On video screen from Lander, WY, Chloe Titus.

Although it may not appear so, this year's London group is quite diverse.  The group of 10 students  hail from 5 different states (Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming) and represent many CSC Departments (majors - Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Psychology,Social Work, FCS/Nuitrition and Wellness; minors - legal studies, interpersonal communication, finance).  Several of the students transferred to CSC while others came to Chadron as freshmen.  Most of the students are in residential programs but have probably taken blended courses, while Chloe is taking all of her courses on-line.  Several have traveled abroad, however, one has never flown in a plane.  Recognizing and appreciating the diversity within our small group is the first step in this cultural experience.

Despite this diversity, the students all have in common a desire to expand their worldview and to become a more global citizen.  While abroad, they will be contemplating the topics of global interconnectedness, intercultural encounters, global issues, ethnocentrism, as well as comparative justice issues.  They will be sharing their reflections in their blogs - please join them in this experience by reading and commenting on their blog posts.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Technology Makes the World Smaller

Technology (when it works correctly or when the user works it correctly) can be a wonderful thing! Above is a picture of the video screen from the London pre-departure class last week. You can see the students in the classroom on the CSC campus as well as another student who is participating in the class from Lander, Wyoming where she works in an elementary school.  The topic of the class that day was British culture and language.  Who better to discuss this with the students than a 'real proper Brit'? Graciously, as always, Constable Richard Watson of the Metropolitan Police Service spared some of his free time with us and joined the class from his home outside of London.  Constable Watson educated the group on the Queen's English, safety precautions 'whilst travelling', and general cultural differences between the English and Americans.  Most importantly, he made the students laugh, put them at ease about what to expect in London, and amped up the excitement level considerably.  We are hopeful to 'see' him in class again and are looking forward to spending time with him while we are in London.

A huge thanks to Jereme Patterson, CSC Information Technology Teaching Analyst (aka IT Go To Guy) for working long hours to discover the glitch in the system and figuring out a work around so that we could all be together for class!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Tradition Continues

I've been thinking about the topic of my first post for quite some time.  Should I discuss the overwhelming feeling of "you must be forgetting something" as I prepare to guide this year's group of students on the study abroad trip?  Maybe I should offer some thoughts on the Royal Wedding which will be taking place in a matter of hours.  As I put aside all of the details and distractions associated with the study abroad course, it became very clear to me what my first post would be. (I guess the photo kind of gives it away).  So much that is good in my life I owe to Dr. George Watson and his wife Kit and their children - including my involvement in this amazing study abroad program!  35 years ago George and Kit packed up a group of Chadron State College students and off they went to Europe - since that first trip, hundreds of CSC Justice Studies students have had the opportunity to experience the culture, tradition, and legal system of a country George loved.  George showed me that study abroad programs provide a life-changing experience - positive and sustainable personal, academic and professional growth.  It is a privilege to carry on the program he was so passionate about.  And yes Kit, we will raise our glasses to both you and George for giving us all this opportunity.