Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thanks...Home and Away

My first thank you goes out to George Watson for believing so passionately in the benefits of study abroad to lay amazing groundwork for so many future students!! (I am not going to actively solicit your donation, but for anyone who might be wondering what they can do to ensure that future students can benefit from the study broad experience that George Watson supported so strongly, please consider a donation to Team George through the CSC Foundation).  I've seen it first hand - these scholarship dollars change lives!

I would also like to thank my CSC colleagues who now handle so many of the predeparture details: Heather and Danielle in the Start Office who handle advising and financial aid issues, Evelyn in the Business Office who manages all of the student London accounts, and Angie in Market Development who keep all the paperwork (and me) organized and makes sure all the bills are paid.  Thanks to the Justice Studies department (Jeri, Elsa, Jamie, Mike, and Lisette)  who support the study abroad program in so many ways.  To Dean Jim Margetts and VPAA Charles Snare who found ways to overcome obstacles and provided much necessary scholarship support for students.

The Students

This year was particularly enjoyable!  Travelling with a smaller group definitely has it's advantages, but more than that, the personality of the individual students, as well as the group dynamics, helped immensely!  The students were always punctual; they were attentive, inquisitive, and excited; they were a joy to spend two weeks with - and, overall, the London weather was wonderful!

Sol (ISA Student Services Coordinator) spent many days with us and was organized, punctual, professional, and fun to be around. 

Sarah - Blue Badge Guide Extraordinaire!  We love our days with Sarah - she makes everything interesting!  I really want to take a trip to London and just hang out with her.

Another successful program in the books, and plans are already underway for the 39th Justice Studies London program.  

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