Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday in the English Countryside

It was a perfect day to leave the hustle and bustle of London and see what lies outside the city limits.  We were fortunate to have the very knowledgable Sarah with us again as our guide to history, architecture, and anything random.

First stop Stonehenge where we viewed the 'magic stones' and tried to comprehend what would drive people to expend so much effort to bring these massive stones from so far away to this particular location. How did they manage the construction of this site with the tools (i.e. deer shoulder blades) that would have been available to them?  So many questions....truly one of the wonders of the world.

This year, the new visitor's center was complete - including the addition of a village representing how the people of that time would have lived.  What would drive people who lived so simplistically and with a constant fear of survival to dedicate the time and resources to the construction of this massive henge?

Final stop of the day - Bath - a city tour and a tour of the Roman Bath. Bath is the only destination in the UK to have the whole city designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Since 1987, Bath has been listed as a ‘cultural site’ with outstanding universal value and cultural significance. (The homemade fudge and gelato might have helped the town get that designation!)

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