Sunday, May 26, 2013

Many Thanks

I just looked through my passports to determine that this was my 12th trip to London.  Every trip has been unique.  This year had overall the coldest and rainiest weather of all the trips (I may have jinxed us - look back to my earlier 'Tuesday' post) but despite that, it was one of the most pleasant trips.  After much thought and discussion, there were some significant changes made to the Justice Studies London Study Abroad program...I'm not going to lie, I was nervous about the changes and second guessed my decisions a number of times. This program is constantly evolving as our students change and as the world changes, but this year's program seemed to bring us somewhat full circle.  I had the chance to travel with a smaller group of students that I know well from classes and who all know each other.  We did all of the justice studies and cultural activities together and yet had enough free time to explore those things that interested us individually.  As a group, we found a way to deal with difficulties and focused on the positives.  Although I never experienced it personally, this felt more like what I imagined the early CSC trips to be like with George and Kit Watson traveling through the countries with adventure-seeking students in tow.  My first thank you goes out to the Watsons for believing so passionately in the benefits of study abroad to lay amazing groundwork for so many future students!! (I am not going to actively solicit your donation, but for anyone who might be wondering what they can do to ensure that future students can benefit from the study broad experience that George Watson supported so strongly, please consider a donation to Team George through the CSC Foundation).

I would also like to thank my CSC colleagues who now handle so many of the predeparture details: Heather and Danielle in the Start Office who handle advising and financial aid issues, Pam in the Business Office who manages all of the student London accounts and makes sure all the bills are paid, and Angie and Tamsyn in Market Development who keep all the paperwork (and me) organized. Thanks to the Justice Studies department ( Jeri, Jamie, Mike, and Lisette)  who support the study abroad program in so many ways.  And to Dr. Charles Snare who flew 900 miles out of his way to experience the London program first hand and then took us all out to dinner.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the London ISA (International Studies Abroad) staff - Maria, Thomas, Maria, Sol and Pauline.  They were everything we had hoped for - organized, punctual, professional, and fun to be around.  All of the guides they arranged for us were very knowledgable and pleasant.  

As they say, last, but certainly not least, my thanks go out to Constable Richard Watson who spends countless hours orchestrating many of our activities and then takes time away from work to be our personal guide in London.  Without his influence, we would not get to experience all facets of the English justice system.  He's a great friend to the CSC Justice Studies  London study abroad program - the students always thoroughly enjoy meeting him, and I couldn't do this program without him.

Another successful program in the books, and plans are already underway for the 37th Justice Studies London program.  Alumni and friends of the college are always welcome to join us!!


  1. Did you take this picture? If so from where? Glad you mad it back without engine covers falling off.

  2. That's the view from my room at the Royal National hotel :)